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Back from VT!

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We’re back from VT. I’m tired, so forgive me if this is a mostly a picture post….

I bought a spinning wheel:


2lbs of green roving:

And two skeins of Spunky Eclectic sock yarn:



Hung out Saturday afternoon with Willa, Aunt Jane and Erin and watched Piglet’s Big Movie. I can’t believe how grown up Willa has gotten!


We stopped by the hospital to visit Claire and David and meet baby Wyatt.

Then headed down to Church St. in Burlington to meet up with Drina of Sonafide.com for dinner.


This morning, we went back to Aunt Jane’s and visited. Uncle Paul and Gretchen were also up.


Part of the morning was spent getting Claire’s surprise ready…. a new China cabinet!

(You can sort of see it behind Wyatt).

Claire seemed quite happy about it.


I think Willa was pretty happy to have Mommy and Daddy home too.


Holy Crap, We Actually Cleaned!

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I’ll be the first to admit that my husband and I are not the most organized of people. Our apartment is pretty cluttered, we’re bad at actually getting the clothes in the hamper, there are still boxes we’ve never quite gotten unpacked from when we moved in nine months ago…. I was bred a packrat, so I tend to be the type to stuff things in boxes and baskets rather than throwing them out… And working at home, it doesn’t do much for me keeping the place clean.

We decided that it would be a good use of our time to clean up the apartment. The bathroom and the kitchen are undoubtedly the cleanest places in the house right now, but the bedroom is cleaner than it has been since we moved in… and the living room is getting there, we’ll finish that up tomorrow…. and my office is still left to do.

I decided to post a bunch of stuff on FreeCycle, we’d had good luck getting rid of some dishes there when we moved in, I figured with my purging problems, it might be a good way to get it done because all I have to do is bring it down to the kitchen and answer the door when people knock. The bulk of it has already been temporarily claimed, so hopefully it’ll be gone tomorrow!

Zen Stone

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I finally joined the 21st century and bought an mp3 player. I know my Apple friends will be disappointed, but I ended up with a Creative Zen Stone.

The Stone is Creative Zen’s equivalent of the iPod Shuffle, holds 1GB and normally sells for $39.99 (I got mine on sale at Circuit City for $34.99) which is half the price of the iPod Shuffle.

I’ve played around with the player for a bit, and have found it plays nicely with both iTunes and amaroK. With iTunes, it recognized the device immediately, and I was able to drag and drop files right from iTunes. On my Linux box (running Kubuntu), things were a little more tricky, I forgot to set what the device was when I first mounted it, so I had to tell amaroK it was there… It wasn’t hard to do, if you open up amaroK and select Settings -> Configure amaroK -> Media Devices and then a list of current devices should appear and you select Generic Audio Player, and the device will show up for you to drag and drop into. You can also just treat it like a normal USB drive and drag and drop onto it through your file browser.

It’s nice for podcasts because it does pause the track you’re listening to wherever you turned off the player.

On Podcasts

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A week or so ago, one of my Twitter friends mentioned something about listening to a podcast, to which my responce was “Am I the only person who doesn’t listen to podcasts?” to which I got an response from several people saying @nikkiana Yes!

I thought about why for a good long time. Ultimately, it’s not the podcasts themselves. I have plenty of podcasts I’m subbed to that I have the good intention of listening to, (Lime ‘n Violet, Pointy Sticks, to name a few) but just never get around to it.

I’m convinced it’s the environment in which I have to listen to them in. Ideally, I see podcasts as being good for when I can’t do anything else…. For example, driving and talking a morning walk would be ideal times (in my mind) to listen to podcasts. For me, sitting around the house working, or even knitting, are not good times to listen to podcasts. I try, and within the first 10 minutes, I generally turn them off because they’re too distracting to whatever else I’m doing.

That said, I think I might actually go out and buy a cheap tiny mp3 player just so I can be motivated to actually take morning walks so I can listen to my podcasts.

The Everlasting Bagstopper

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Originally uploaded by nikkiana

When i saw the Everlasting Bagstopper in this summer’s Knitty, I knew I had to make one (maybe more).

It was a pretty quick knit, taking a little over a week to complete knitting on and off. The worst part of it was the bottom, you start at the bottom and knit the base straight, and then pick up stitches along the other three sizes to make a circle, it’s pretty tight the first couple rounds, but once you get a three or four rounds into it, it loosens up a bit.

I knit it with Sugar ‘n Cream cotton. The pattern calls for hemp, but behavior wise, cotton is close…. and Sugar ‘n Cream is cheap, so I figured it was good yarn to test the pattern with, plus, it was the most commonly subbed yarn on Ravelry, so I felt pretty safe. It took A little over two balls of Sugar ‘n Cream total. Since I did two colors, I had to buy four balls, but if you just do one, color 3 balls is sufficient.

My other modification was to do garter stitch straps instead of ribbon ones like what was in the original pattern (also a commmon mod on Ravelry). All in all, I liked the way it came out. Now, I just have to use it!

80% Addicted

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80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Dating Site

I’m surprised I’m that addicted to blogging. It feels like I don’t spend as much time on it as I used to….

The Boston Trip

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We caught the 8 AM bus out of Concord to South Station on Saturday, and were in Boston by 9:15. Originally, the thought had been than we’d go to the Museum of Science… which is the Science Park stop on the Green Line of the T. So, we hopped on the Red Line at South Station, changed at Park St…. and then went one stop to Government Center where we told the train was going out of service, and we had to get off. We waited for the next train to come along, but that one went out of service too. Then another one. We said screw it, and just went back up into the city there.

Government Center, for those of you who don’t know Boston well, is the stop near Faneuil Hall and maybe about a mile from the Aquarium. We walked around for a bit, and then decided that we wanted to go to the Aquarium…. It was busy there! Lots of families and little kids… which was kinda fun because it’s so cute to see excited little kids. I got some pretty decent photos (and some crappy ones) there.




After we were through at the Aquarium, we decided it was time for lunch…. we ended up going to Durgin Park…. It was pretty good food, but I don’t quite get why I’ve heard people rave about the place other than it’s old….

After lunch, we decided to walk to the Museum of Science… and then managed to get lost…. Well, we weren’t totally lost, just ended up waaaaaay off course and ended up near Boston Commons and the state house… Once we figured out sorta where were in the grand scheme of things thanks to a street map near Boston Common, we headed north and crossed the Longfellow Bridge into Cambridge.



By this time, it was 2:30 and check in time was 3, so we decided to look for our hotel. It took us awhile to find it, but we finally did after walking around for an hour. We took a shower, and a quick nap.

The hotel was gorgeous. I’ve got a few photos, but it doesn’t really do it justice…



Our boat to see the Mudhens left at 7:30, we left the hotel around 6:15, got on the Green Line at Lechmere and went to Government Center. Stopped at Faneuil Hall to get a bite to eat, and then went to the dock to catch the boat.

The show was pretty good, though I could have done without most of the people. Seriously, I think they put the stupidest drunk 30-somethings on this boat. Maybe I just have a high standard for drunk people, my friends are all nerds so they talk about engineering and philosophy when they’re drunk. The security on the boat were seriously the nicest people though…. One of them was telling us that he does this as a side gig just cause he likes riding around the harbor, and for the most part it’s fine… but the worst problem usually is some of the women. I didn’t get many pictures because of all the dumb drunk people getting in the world.





By the time we got back to the hotel after the show, I could barely walk. My feet and calves were just killing me.

This morning, we decided to head up to Harvard Square. Had breakfast at Leo’s Diner (if you ever get a chance, check out this place… it’s on JFK, great “comfort food” place with more soda choices than I’ve ever seen anywhere. Then, we walked around killed a half an hour and went to Woolcott & Co. and got some yarn.





After the yarn store, we decided it was probably best to head home… so we headed back to South Station, had to wait an hour to catch the 2:15 bus, and were home by 4.

All and all, a good trip. Though, it’s obvious I’m in out of shape…. I need to get my legs to heal and walk more often….

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

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I don’t really know what caused me to think about it, but I had the realization this morning to the effect of, “Hey! Doesn’t IE have some sort of add-on system? Maybe someone’s made some sort of developer tool…” So, I asked my good friend Google, and indeed. There is such a tool… The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar, made my Microsoft themselves and works on both IE6 and IE7.

The add on reminds me mostly of Firebug (which is a good thing :lol:) though, there are a few annoying things to note about it…. For example, when you’re looking at the CSS for a tag, it just throws all the CSS into one area and doesn’t tell you what stylesheet that information is coming from, nor does it show conflicting CSS the way Firebug does…. but it’s better than nothing.

The Gray Socks Have Reappeared

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You might remember the gray socks from last year. It’s a pair I started last summer, my very first socks…. and they’re still not done. But I have started working on them again. Maybe they’ll be done by next summer. ;)

There have been some features to this sock that have made it particuarlly slow going. Like, the 9 1/4 inches of ribbing on the leg of the first sock (the second sock currently has 3 1/2 inches), and the fact that the sock is knitted on size 0 needles. Meaning, that’s a lot of area to cover and one row doesn’t get you very far.


I did switch out needles on the project, which seems to be helping. Before, the project was on bamboo needles…. and while normally, I love bamboo needles, in the case of size 0s, they are awful. They have way too much give, by the end of your first sock, they’re warped. I recently got the KnitPicks sock needle set (with size 0s, 1s, 1 1/2s, 2s, and 2 1/2s) and switched my sock to the size 0 metal needles. Much much better!


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There’s this wonderful little extension for Firefox called Firebug. Basically, it’s a debugger for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I mostly use it dealing with HTML and CSS. It opens a frame at the bottom of my browser window, there’s my HTML source code on the left side, and then there’s the corresponding CSS on the left. The HTML is displayed hierarchal and collapsible, and as you step through different sections, on the CSS on the left changes to what classes are affecting that bit of code. It’s great because you can see if some CSS is being canceled out by something… It allows you to do quick edits to see if something works without having to change your base file until you know it does… It’s got a button called inspect which clicking on will allow you to click anywhere on the browser screen and it brings you directly to that element’s code.. Very amazing powerful tool.

The problem is, it only works in Firefox. There’s something called Firebug Lite which you can install server side so you can use the console function of Firebug on any browser when debugging, but from the documentation I read, it didn’t seem particularly useful to me…. I can use Firebug as a guide in Firefox when doing fixes in other browsers, but say, if you have an IE only stylesheet, you can’t see if there’s CSS code affecting a certain part of HTML in IE when using Firebug.