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Thanks to rachelecateyes I'm poking my nose back into LiveJournal.

You know what I miss? Really simple privacy settings.

I mean, I always assume everyone can see everything anyway, and since I have no shame I don't really care what you see because I did it out of my own desire to... but I try to shield certain people from certain areas of my life the best I can by blocking them or simply writing in a place where they wouldn't think to look.

Semi-public. Semi-private. Options to make things "friends only" if you feel like it.

More or less, I miss LiveJournal.

I miss having a small audience who I know exactly who it is.

It's just sorta sad for me to come back here though because I remember LJ when my friends page was just overflowing with entries from everybody, and now... it's like crickets. Everyone's moved on.

This Made Me Giggle...

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In May I pulled over and changed eucharisjones's flat tire (15 points). In February I didn't flush (-1 points). In August I committed genocide... Sorry about that, dreamfairygurl (-5000 points). Last Sunday I pulled opal1159's hair (-5 points). In June I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-4999 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


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The Cut

I decided to do some house cleaning tonight... I went through my friends list and cut a bunch of people. My criteria for cutting mostly was along the lines of "I don't recognize this person off the top of my head" and "This person hasn't posted in over a year." If you were among the folks deleted and didn't want to be, feel free to comment and mention you were reading and I'll readd you. Seriously, I didn't delete anyone because I think and of you suck.... It's more because I can't remember who you are. ;)

The Drupal Hat Pattern

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I’ve been contacted several times recently over the Drupal Hat I made last spring, and I keep saying I’m going to type up the pattern, but I never seem to have gotten around to it. Forgive me if this ends up being full of mistakes, I’m pretty much typing this up off of memory.

Photo 71.jpg

Recommended yarn:
MC: Cascade 220 Wool #9468 (for body),
CC: Cascade 220 Wool #8505 (for face)

Needles: Size 10.5 dpns.

Cast on 9 stitches with MC, divide stitches evenly among dpns, 2 sts on the first 3, and 3 stitches on the 4th. Join and work 3 rnds in stockinette.

Next row: Inc1 k1, (inc1, inc1, k1) twice, inc1 - 15 sts.

K two rounds.

Next row: Inc1, k3, (inc1, inc1, k3) twice, inc1 - 21 sts.

K two rounds.

Cont as est. working 2 extra sts per round between incs and 2 rows even between inc rounds until you have 63 sts.

Work 13 rounds even.

Next we’re going to work the face, needle 1 and 2 have the face, needles 3 and 4 are knit with MC across.

Row 1: K9 in MC, K4 in CC, K6 in MC, K4 in CC, K9 in MC
Row 2: K8 in MC, K6 in CC, K4 in MC, K6 in CC, K8 in MC
Row 3: K7 in MC, K8 in CC, K2 in MC, K8 in CC, K7 in MC
Row 4&5: K7 in MC, K18 in CC, K7 in MC
Row 6: K7 in MC, K8 in CC, K2 in MC, K8 in CC, K7 in MC
Row 7: K8 in MC, K6 in CC, K4 in MC, K6 in CC, K8 in MC
Row 8: K9 in MC, K4 in CC, K6 in MC, K4 in CC, K9 in MC
Row 9: K15 in MC, K4 in CC, K15 in MC
Row 10: K14 in MC, K1 in CC, K4 in MC, K1 in CC, K14 in MC
Row 11: K8 in MC, K1 in CC, K14 in MC, K1 in CC, K8 in MC
Row 12: K9 in MC, K1 in CC, K12 in MC, K1 in CC, K9 in MC
Row 13: K10 in MC, K12 in CC, K 10 in MC.

K one round in MC.
K one round in MC until last stitch Inc1 = 64 sts.

K2, P2 rib for 4 rounds.

Bind off.


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No… I haven’t officially abandoned the blog… It’s just more that I haven’t had the energy to post much of anything. Political season does that to me, actually. I run across things all the time that I might want to say something about… but I just haven’t the time nor energy to spend on even posting something short, nevermind dealing with the sort of comments from arrogant losers who have nothing better to do with their time than argue with anyone they come across that they think disagrees with them (or in my case, I seem to get people who I agree with sending me snotty messages). (There are some BlogsNH people who have soured my desire to blog anywhere because of their incessant arguing…)

So what’s happened since October? Well, we moved to Manchester. I’m refusing to take photos of the apartment until our new couch gets here…. but I’ll post a sneak peak of the new table…


I like the new place, it’s the same size but it feels like there’s more room. Things, at this point, mostly have a place… A few things don’t… but we’re getting there… and there’s a few things we don’t need (storage stuff from the old place, mostly) that I haven’t had the energy to find a taker for…. It’s fairly common around here for people to post up stuff in the entry way builetin board of things they’d like to sell…. So maybe I should make up a few posters and post them in all the buildings… and if that doesn’t work, Freecycle.

AIM Ate My Buddy List

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So, yesterday, AIM ate my buddy list. I closed my laptop, and when I came back I had about a billion warning messages saying something to the effect of “Cannot add , buddy list is too full.”

I used AIM Express to sign on, hoping this was a problem that was just affecting my local list, but no…. It deleted everyone except for 10 people.

So, if you could be so kind, please IM me at nikkianaw when you see me online or send me a message on here giving me your AIM screen name, so I can restore my list.

First Wheel Single!

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I spun my very first single on the wheel!

First Wheel Spun Single!

It’s a little over-spun in spots because I’m still getting the hang of it, but I don’t think I ended up doing too badly, considering!