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Originally published at Every Tomorrow. Please leave any comments there.

No… I haven’t officially abandoned the blog… It’s just more that I haven’t had the energy to post much of anything. Political season does that to me, actually. I run across things all the time that I might want to say something about… but I just haven’t the time nor energy to spend on even posting something short, nevermind dealing with the sort of comments from arrogant losers who have nothing better to do with their time than argue with anyone they come across that they think disagrees with them (or in my case, I seem to get people who I agree with sending me snotty messages). (There are some BlogsNH people who have soured my desire to blog anywhere because of their incessant arguing…)

So what’s happened since October? Well, we moved to Manchester. I’m refusing to take photos of the apartment until our new couch gets here…. but I’ll post a sneak peak of the new table…


I like the new place, it’s the same size but it feels like there’s more room. Things, at this point, mostly have a place… A few things don’t… but we’re getting there… and there’s a few things we don’t need (storage stuff from the old place, mostly) that I haven’t had the energy to find a taker for…. It’s fairly common around here for people to post up stuff in the entry way builetin board of things they’d like to sell…. So maybe I should make up a few posters and post them in all the buildings… and if that doesn’t work, Freecycle.

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